There are many reasons why we have decided to move our life towards a more sustainable one. The biggest reason is our distaste towards materialism. We want to stop caring about our material possesions.

The happiest I have been is truly when I had the least. There is a certain calming sense in understanding that things are fundamentally meaningless. Not in a negative way but in a more philosophical sense.

With that being said, why do we worry so much about the appearance of things? Why do we care more about that than the functionality of everything we do?

It doesn’t make much sense, especially relating to the topics we discuss here. We only take pride in the fact that our plants are growing and that we are healthy.

Other than that, the aesthetics of our situation is meaningless.

I think that individuals who are unable to function with projects or creations of theirs that aren’t perfect is because they have not yet understood the fact that they are fundamentally an imperfect being.

But that’s ok, we all are.

Losing our ego can assist us to stop caring so much about what people think!

From my personal observation, my theory is that the illusory ego leads us to understand that we need these appearance factors. Really if we can’t let go of something like that externally, I think that person is unable to relieve themselves of something mentally.

But that’s just my opinion.

Let go of your ego, stop caring what other people think and I think not only will your gardening and diet improve but really as a person, you will find your will manifest in everything else.

If someone was invited in our house they would easily see that we aren’t the snooty type, our plants are scattered all about the house, the dog bed is made of bare plywood and 2 x 4’s, but we at least keep ourselves organized.

You know why?

Because what we do is for no one else, we are truly happy living with a mess because we are able to find peace in every situation.

The main reason I wrote this post is to encourage anyone that is interested in this and has no experience gardening, or carpentry, or organic dieting.

It’s perfectly fine, neither did we.

With that being said, I have learned so much, and we have all been able to grow as human beings because we have the freedom of creativity and expression, and allow each other to grow in a judgment-free environment.

That is exactly what we want for this blog.

We will not judge anyone for making mistakes, especially if they didn’t have further knowledge. We are all constantly learning, and that is ok.

Take time to remember to appreciate the negative side of every situation, because without it the positive would be meaningless to us.

So build what you build, do what makes you happy and allow your ego to dissolve back into non-existence, and experience what really matters.

One of my favorite authors is Thich Naht Hanh. He is a beautiful soul who can offer all of us reconcilation during any circumstances.

Here is a library of his books, I encourage you to read them!

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