Remember when money was useless to us?

Back when we were children and felt calm in any financial situation, economic events always remaining meaningless to us.

We could feel free within ourselves and our environment and exist without the restrictions of concepts such as time and financial wealth.

We have made the mistakes of confusing these concepts for actual events.

Money can be made back

your moments cannot be.

The universe shifts constantly, constantly presenting us with passing forms, sounds, and waves of light to interpret. We cannot reverse or alter this  experience, once a moment that has passed, it has passed.

The cosmic happenings that allowed for the event which we may admire are passed and have taken a new form, so the issue with this delusion is that we are hindering our lives by missing out on such a vast amount of experiences.

When we were children we did not do this, at least not as often. We could just go outside and dig holes in the dirt with the neighbor or a close friend and feel perfectly content. We had no cars, no money, no “lives.”

We just observed the universe as it is presented to us, unable to push any conditioned ideas on it, such as negative complaining. This is a level of contentment which is desired by many.

Does this sound ridiculous?

Would you go play in the dirt for hours right now?

Probably not

“I wouldn’t want that hassle, I would have to wash my clothes and dry them before I go to bed, otherwise, I will have nothing to wear for work. Now that I am considering work, I remember that I have to work early tomorrow. Playing in the dirt is pointless, I have to go get things ready for tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have some free time to do something for myself someday. I never get to do anything myself, I hate this.”

But the child never feels that way, they never feel like they’ve somehow spent an irreplaceable amount of time trying to catch a cat in the backyard, they simply are intrigued by the soft, timid creature which has manifested itself in front of the child.

They have no concept of the time spent on the task at hand,

they simply put all conscious attention towards that task.

We should be able to live this way, but we seem to have made some sort of mistake.

What is this mistake?

If you remember using silly putty to make small imprints of a picture in the newspaper than I think we can use an analogy to allow us to understand our vital mistake.

When we take silly putty and press it against a newspaper, we get an imprint of the original paper print. Of course, the image on the putty is usually not the same quality as the actual newspaper, but it does resemble it closely.

The newspaper can be seen as reality, a large landscape from which arises the initial spark of creative force, the words printed is the transference of the universal power to create.

The silly putty is then our perceptions, reactions, and attitudes. We “clash” with reality, absorbed in it completely and become inseparable from it.

So, the imitation print symbolizes the fact that our perceptions alter the reality of things. It is always close, but never truly accurate.

The newspaper symbolizes the objective, the mirror image the subjective.

We took the truth and skewed universal objectivity with the power of our delusion-driven wills until the universe seems to be nothing but a mushy counterfeit of the original source.

For example, in this topic, we have money, which is not really as important as we think it is.

Currency is simply a symbol of what our society understands as wealth, but we should be certain that we do not allow ourselves to confuse the two.

When we begin to see money as a primary means of survival, we need money to survive, and since it’s a necessity we might as well just be safe and strive to obtain an abundance of it. It consists of the same delusion as what I have mentioned with that of time, we mistake the symbol for the actual thing.

Money does not produce altruism or egalitarianism, money promotes greed and narcissism. You need nothing but love to care for another person, only in this modernized society does materialism relate to affection.

Sure, we could say, well what about donations? Should they not count as an act of selflessness?


It really depends on the situation, trying to fixate morals to a fixed code is somewhat as useless as trying to bite your own teeth.

Though money could be used to support anything that individual would want to, it is far too often that it is used for the sole purpose of producing more money.

We never give money, we simply invest it.

We “give” money just to watch it turn a profit regardless of the consequences. This may sound cynical, but come on we know what we have done as a species.

Even with those we know, how few people would you actually give money to without expecting it back?

I’m sure the list is small, you would have to care very much about someone before not expecting the debt to be paid back.

This is rooted by our incessant need to fuel the wildfire that is our egos, as we allow them to burn down any hope we have of a peaceful and content life. We burn ourselves out on these ideas that we have of ourselves and the situations that we are put in, and it blurs our lives until we are nothing but a silly putty substitute for a real human being.

To get back to the topic of money, we constantly use our anxiety-ridden minds to conjure up terrible thoughts that control our decisions.

I cannot possibly do anything for myself because I never have any money. Not only do I suffer, but so does my family because I am not able to adequately provide for them.

I watch them grow more and more, but I only seem to see it as I quickly exit through the front door, ready for another day of bleak despair. I will never fulfill my purpose and I will be damned to this because of my parents and this disgusting society around me.

I am but a mere pawn of a sadistic universe, and there is simply nothing I could possibly do.

We all have thoughts at least close to this every now and then, and it is natural now only because modern humanity has made it so. Using this scenario, money is not an actual symbol of wealth, money has replaced the actual tangible form of wealth, the family we are forced to leave every day to acquire it.

We have caused this, it is our fault entirely

Of course, it is also true that we cannot talk anyone out of a delusion, just slowly give them the tools they need to leave the haze of ignorance behind.

Money is nowhere near as important as we allow it to be. It is non-existent, and the physical paper manifestation of money does not justify us giving it power. It still should have no control over us, we should simply use the money a tool to get some of the things we cannot readily make ourselves.


  • Books
  • Guitars
  • Coffee
  • Paints
  • Canvases  

Some beautiful books we purchased for $30

We teach our kids this as well, and it will lead down the same path. Our children will grow to be greedy and care more about money than people. In any degree lesser, it could still be damaging for the individual.

In another case, the child may grow to be paranoid and anxious surrounding money. They may not want to spend a dime, or they might not be able to feed themselves because of manic-induced spending episodes.

Do we want anything like this for our children?

Not only our direct biological children but the children of every another modern human, which includes us.

How did money become so important to us?

Well, like most anxieties it seems to root for most in their conditioning.

We are conditioned to think that money has more value than us.

We are conditioned to think that we need to be financially successful to be successful at all.

These are ideas placed in our heads by those who learned to think this way before. It was conditioned and taught to them just as it has been to us, they were an extension of that and we are nothing but a further extension of this constant anxiety over money.

It is difficult for us to question this because it is so prevalent in our society, we are simply a capitalistic group of people. We produce purely for profit and often leave humanity and ethics out of the equation. We are blind, evolving with the universe but unable to predict the next event that could happen, so we see clinging to concepts as the best possible option.

We have it in our minds that to be successful you must be a stellar person all around, with nearly no flaws. This sounds basic, but I am talking about much more fundamental “flaws”, not quite the surface ones such as anxiety in public or we are just “deadbeats to society.”

It is important to question ourselves in these areas to see that we are functioning without resistance, but the ones I am referring to are more intrapersonal.

The fact that we are unable to function when a bill comes in that will empty our bank account, the fact that we feel any inadequacy for not being able to provide for your family in the way that our society has conceptualized that you must, and negative self-talk due to feelings of personal inadequacy directly related to money.

We were taught to feel this way.

We have the ability, as well as the need to change our viewpoint regarding money, but we must begin with the first basic question.

How do we change a deeply-rooted paradigm?

We work on it constantly. We monitor ourselves whenever the negative thoughts spring into our head.

“I never have enough money. Day in and day out I throw more hours into a job I hate and still barely survive.”

“My daughters birthday will be soon and she asked for a specific high-priced item, but after the bills I know I will not be able to consider that. Why am I such a terrible parent, I cannot even provide a life for my children that at least includes financial comfort. They deserve everything I can provide, perhaps there is a fundamental problem with me as a parent that allows me to justify being poor. I am uneducated and have nothing to contribute anyway, so I might as well just grit my teeth and return to tedium so maybe their lives will be worth something.”

“This whole system seems to be against me and simply will not allow me to succeed. I have done what I have been taught, I did well in school, or at least as well as I was able. I went to college and felt apathetic towards the situation, but survived. On my own, I struggled hard financially and despised it, so it became my goal to become financially successful, and now look at what I have become. My spouse is hardly able to relate to me anymore, my kids are spoiled and greedy little bastards and it is directly my fault. I have attracted this terrible lust for money, and that feeling now manifests itself in my family as well.”

As I have mentioned before and will continue to, negative self-talk solves nothing.

It is not fair to blame i, we have done we are able with the tools and knowledge we have been given.

There is no blame to pass, we simply must turn inwards with compassion and allow ourselves to forgive not only those before us who have set up this system, but also those who directly taught it to us, as well as ourselves for getting lost in the concept of money.

We must forgive ourselves for making mistakes

because when we do something or think in a certain way

that we may now disagree with

without even the opportunity of another alternative,

there simply was no alternative path to take in that given instant.

There was not one there before this very moment before you had this exact realization which I am describing.

Now that you are equipped with proper tools, even if they are only rudimentary ones, you are able to navigate your way through how your psyche to discover how to continue on. You are one step further in fundamental understanding, compassion, and the illusions we create for ourselves, and you should respect yourself for being able to cleanse yourself of any self-inflicted torture, regardless of the degree.

When we release ourselves from concepts such as time, money, or ourselves, we are one step further to the liberation of our souls.

One step closer to Nirvana.

When we release these concepts, we feel a deeply fundamental sense of liberation. As if we had been bound into a particular pattern of thinking which has been infinitely expanded.

It is as if we were a militant in a war zone, using a high vantage point which has a small area to see out of. A small split in the concrete crudely cut to be only enough to stick a gun barrel out and see the enemies from behind the scope.

When hostiles are in sight, we are able to open fire at them because they are weaker and ill-equipped. We have the higher vantage point so we are dominant.

Then suddenly, the building which we are hiding in is hit with a mortar, leaving the wall in front of us nothing but rubble on the ground below.

After recollecting ourselves, we are able to stand up and view past the wall.

Our perspective has been forceably broadened.

As we peer down, we see the destruction that the entire situation has caused. We see mothers lose their children, we see young men sacrifice themselves, and we see utter chaos in what would otherwise be a functioning place.

Until our perspective is opened up, we can only see the little “evil” targets that we choose to. Until something forces our view into another paradigm we will be limited to seeing only what we have been told to.

When out perspective is opened, we can see the atrocities we commit. We see the fear and bloodshed that we have unnecessarily caused by our actions.

We should think of this scenario anytime that we feel a tangible emotion over a misperceived concept.

It is irrational to cause ourselves so much pain over the nonexistent but we have become so excellent at this that it has become second nature.

When in this process is it vital to recall the importance of forgiveness towards yourself. Do not treat yourself like you are an idiot for not understanding these ideas prior to this moment, you had no way to be taught or learn it until the moment in which it is revealed to you.

The only thing we can do is continue to read and study everything until we uncover and understand it’s essence.

Until then, when dealing with this matter in yourself or in others, make sure to extend only genuine compassion. We cannot talk people out of illusions, but we can be compassionate and empathetic towards this eternal and profound universal process.


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