I know, we have been slacking on new posts, and we are sorry for that. The truth is, we both got jobs at a factory and have been working many more hours than we usually do. We accepted these positions in the hopes that the increase in money made would help us save for a piece of property quicker. While we did make a lot more money, we ran into a potential property.

                I would rather not go into the specifics of how we may obtain the property yet, but hopefully this year we will have an almost 9-acre farm that we will utilize to manifest our goals.

I’m not one for making excuses, but working as many hours as I have over the last 4 – 6 months has really cleared out motivation for much of anything else, sadly including this blog…

We would, however, like to change that.

Why we have this blog and why we would like to continue it

We would like to put more effort into continuing to build this website, because we genuinely feel that we can use this website as a great educational source, for everything that we have learned as well as what we plan to learn.

The truth is when it comes down to the topics we discuss, organic gardening, homesteading, or anything else, it all comes down to massive amounts of research and sifting through information to see what seems to be the most truth.

There are objective truths, but there are also subjective opinions that we try to navigate through and put our personal touches on.

My point is that in our experience, we find massive amounts of information on these topics, but find that the research becomes one-sided, ambivalent, foggy, and the information may be inaccurate, or even misleading.

So, what we naturally do is sort through what makes logical sense and find our personal ways to integrate it into our gardening or lifestyles.

Another factor is that we love informational outlets that are also personal.

We follow certain homesteading and gardening YouTuber’s because their personality is just as pleasing and refreshing as the information that they offer.

That is what is vital to us, not throwing loads of information that leaves a reader leaving just as confused as they came, but offer sound advice, solid objective evidence, all with personal experience to add to our background.

So, what has been going on with us while we’ve been away?

Well, we have gone completely vegan.

For the last 6 months or so, we have had no meat, no eggs, no milk, no cheese, nothing from an animal.

Why did we do this?

Well, it started out with us researching the effects of various diets, and we continuously ran across studies and reports that showed the closer populations maintain a more whole-foods and plant-based diet the healthier they tend to be.

This research goes deep…

We found articles, books, and research papers about using plant-based diets for ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues, and in quite a few cases even cancer. We absolutely would like to write more about these specifics because the health aspect of this transition is the main reason that we made this decision.

There are many other reasons that we decided to stop using animal products, but that will be an entirely different post altogether.

We got a kitten!

One day while TJ was driving down our road, a small kitten flung out of the moving car which it was resting in. Thinking it was hurt, TJ and Solomon grabbed it and brought it home and we all fell in love immediately.

She was a 17-ounce ball of fur and feistiness that we named Kali.

Since her initial hissing and scratching fits she has become a loving kitten, who is now transitioning into her full cat form, which includes sleeping most of the day and not leaving the same spot, while going bat-shit crazy in the middle of the night.

Actually, for the first few days this is all that she would do.

How did we get our 250 pounds of dogs used to this tiny creature?

Well, initially it wasn’t easy considering the only experience that they have with felines is the neighborhood cats poking around our house and scaring them.

After the first week of whining and moaning, the dogs settled down and were able to function around the kitten at a calm and quiet frantic sniffing.

Kali, however, was another story…

Her first reaction to seeing the dogs was to stand up and attack and make various alarming sounds, which we were unaware that kittens had the ability to make.

As with every other adventure, it has been a learning experience, and our entire family made a cuddly new friend that loves sleeping and has the same obsession with food as the rest of us.

So more about this property.

The property has a house which will most likely need to be demolished, a small shed, a nice size old style barn, which has horse stalls in it on one side, and a large open storage space on the other side.

The electric and sewage is already on site, so the hookups there should be easy.

There is currently no running water, and since we have not yet had the land surveyed, we are not entirely sure what the situation is with the well. We know that there has been running water within the last year, but we have not verified the source.

The total size is just under 9 acres, and we happen to know that the property owner for the last several decades used it for agricultural purposes. This included crops and livestock, meaning the land should be nice and fertile without the massive amount of soil-working that we would have to do if there was no decent soil, which is kind of our current situation.

We have literally been word vomiting ideas on each other, thinking of rain catch systems, outlaw septic tanks, cob houses, earthships, yurts, tents, animals, fencing, solar panels, wind energy, anything that we can work towards incorporating our goals into this property.

Of course, the only thing that is slowing us down is trying to make sure that we adhere to local building codes and regulations. So, for right now we have 5 main goals in mind.

  1. Get the land surveyed
  2. Get the land in our name
  3. Camp on the land to get used to the area and property.
  4. Discuss with building code officials what kind of residence we can build until we build our final dream earthship.
  5. Find every way possible to minimize our bills, such as finding what renewable resources we can begin using (Solar, geothermal, wind, rain water storage systems)

Obviously, there is much more on our minds, but we must try to contain ourselves and prioritize our time before we move onto the land.

Let’s call them “subcategories,” here what we are thinking is what kind of crops we would like to grow, how many, and where on the property would work best for gardening.

There is also quite a bit of garbage, rubble, and brush to clean up, which will require labor.

We also would like to investigate getting some other animals for various purposes.

Currently, we have Kali, who is a Tortie Kitten.

Luna, who is a mix of Mastiff and Saint Bernard.

And Diesel, who we were told is a mix of German Shepherd, Blue Heeler, and boxer, but we aren’t entirely sure, he looks like a mixing pot of all kinds of dog breeds.

So, we have some decently sized dogs, but we would like to get more large dog breeds.

I would say, “We want to get another large breed dog,” but we know damn well we will end up getting several more, we love animals.

The reason for this is the obvious job that having a pet can give a person, but there are also coyotes and other potentially hazardous wildlife on the property and having dogs will make us feel much more comfortable.

I feel confident that our dogs will be able to stand their ground against just about any coyote out there but having several more dogs would act as a better alarm system, and with proper training will be a controlled way to deter coyotes or anything else from harming our animals or children.


Though we no longer plan to be feasting on these creatures, we would love to have a couple as pets. They would double as a natural way to clear out parts of our land that will be more difficult to clean up by hand.

We have heard from several friends that goats are also efficient in protecting other animals, which will be a bonus.

With how loving our current animals are, we feel confident that we can get several other species of animals and easily integrate them in the same space.

The only issue we ever really have with our dogs is that they want too much love!

It gets very overwhelming but they’re so cute that we can’t resist.

Dreams with our land

We have so much potential with a plot of land this size, we have a lot of ideas about production or intensive farming so that we can make income while staying almost completely at home. We’ve considered growing lettuce, spinach, or other leafy greens. We have also considered certain mushrooms that we could grow in an indoor grow facility.

We would just like to be able to live comfortably and have just enough side income for things like vacations, farm equipment, animals, and other miscellaneous things.

We have also considered instructing courses on homesteading, permaculture, and sustainable living once we are to a point where we would feel able to do so. We have envisioned a separate home for interested people to stay in for a weekend or so while we vomit knowledge on them while showing them how we do what we do.

We always admire those who we meet that do this, whether online or someone we know in person that teaches us what they have learned. Having a role model in what you’re doing is always beneficial, for they have made far more mistakes than you.

Money is not important to us, we are literally pushing towards having no monthly bills, or at least miniscule ones. The main point to us farming or teaching is to give back as much as we can with what we have. If we can use our land, labor, and knowledge to feed someone or teach them how to liberate themselves from the shackles of samsara, then our dharma has been fulfilled.

Me and TJ both were going to school for something that would help people; social services and psychotherapy. What we have found is that path is not for us, we have carved paths for ourselves to influence and benefit others in the way in which we are able to.

Plus, as we all know, having a job is terrible.

I don’t mind working, but my idea of working is not waking up before I want to and going to perform a repeated manual task for someone who may be making 400 times the amount of money that I make for a fraction of the effort.

My idea of working is being able to work by my means. Waking up when I would like, taking breaks when I would like, working with who I would like, and working towards the amelioration of my property, my family, and my life. That is all we can ask for, and all that we are working towards.

We plan to dedicate more time regularly to writing for this blog. We have spent a bit of time on the site, but not nearly enough to actual content production.

We have a few new topics that we would like to discuss, for instance dreadlocks. We get asked all the time how long we have had them, what style we used to do them, how we keep up with them, etc. We have done research and know that there are many ways to lock hair as well as maintain it, so we want to share what has worked for us and what the bulk of our research has indicated.

Either way, we do plan on learning much more than we knew yesterday, and hopefully you all feel the same way.

Stay Positive

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