There are obviously endless ways to grow food.

We’ve started seeds in milk jugs, coffee cans, and just about anything else that we can get plants to successfully grow in.

There are other methods that are a bit newer and more complex than these ones.

Two of these methods are called:

Aquaponics and Hydroponics

What are these?

Well, by definition;

Hydroponics – A method of growing plants in a soil-less environment. The plants are grown directly in water that is saturated with fertilizers and other chemical additives.

Aquaponics A method very similar to hydroponics, but rather than using any synthetic products, the plants are fed from the waste of fish that live within the system. This typically includes a fish tank and a separate grow container for the plants.

They are very similar, but what are the deeper differences?


Hydroponics, as I said, usually uses non-organic methods to grow food.

Typical setups include

  • A grow container for plants, generally pvc piping or plastic tubs.
  • A large tank for water.
  • Fertilizers and chemicals are added to the water.
  • A pump to circulate fresh water to the plants.

So the water is pumped from the tank and run throughout the system.

This is very similar to aquaponics, but it uses synthetic materials.

There may be another way to use this method with more organic means, but it still doesn’t beat the more natural method of aquaponics.

Hydroponics can be simple to set up in your own home.

In fact, here are 16 DIY hydroponic setups


Aquaponic setups typically include:

  • A fish tank full of fish.
  • A solids separator to filter out solid waste from the fish
  • A grow bed that continuously fills up and empties itself
  • A pump to carry the water

From my research, it seems thateither system can be done extremely simply and for little cost.

Here are 15 DIY aquaponic setups

The aquaponic systems have always been more fascinating to me.

Not necessarily to belittle hydroponics, but this process involves many lessons of natural phenomenon such as the nitrogen cycle.

The nitrogen cycle is something that I literally had never heard of or learned in school.

Through my research on this topic, I now understand how the fish and plant combo is able to work so well.

Want to know how it works?

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