What is bulletproof coffee?

Does it actually do anything or is it just a trend?

Well, it is a trend currently, but that is not to say it isn’t an old remedy as well.

Bulletproof coffee is essentially coffee with 3 main components:

Organic Coffee

Unsalted Butter

MCT oil (Coconut oil)

Sounds gross right?

I assure you, not only will this drink give you a boost of energy in the mornings, but it is a healthy alternative to a lot of other beverages we tend to drink to keep ourselves alive in the early hours.

How Do We Make Bulletproof Coffee?

(Actually, coffee is one of the most heavily fertilized and chemically treated crops, probably due to the high demand. I had a good friend who completely refused to drink coffee for this reason, also due to the high amount of fuel used to transport such massive amounts of coffee such long distances.)

(Furthermore, Coffee naturally prefers shady areas, but as this is inconvenient for large scale farming, most coffee beans have been modified pretty seriously to make them grow better in open land.)

Per Cup:

  • Put coffee in a blender, and add 1-2 tbsp Butter, preferably grass-fed if you are not a vegan. Vegans should try it with coconut butter if you can get it. The more butter you add the creamier it is!
  • Next, add some sugar and milk if you would like, though with this method we find it much easier to go without sugar.
  • Finally, add 1 tbsp coconut oil, MCT oil, or other organic varieties of these. I will get into the varieties in a moment.
  • Blend everything together really well!

That’s it!

We make it literally every day…

We have gotten so bad with it that we don’t drink coffee unless it’s made this way.

We’ve become pampered….

Really though, if we don’t have the ingredients to make this stuff, I just drink tea or water. Another reason is that I’m not nearly as interested in coffee as I was.

What Makes Bulletproof Coffee So Desirable?

The Creaminess…

It is a delicious whipped drink, I’ve never had coffee so pleasing to sip on.

The components in the coffee make the overly-bitter taste go away, and the creaminess in the coffee and the 1 – 2 inches of foam on top isn’t bad either.

It’s like a more bitter hot chocolate, but if you were to add some hot chocolate to it, than it’s literally just like a really creamy hot chocolate.

We may have tried it a couple times….

The main point is, with or without sugar it’s delicious.

I like drinking mainly black coffee, I only add sugar and creamer maybe 25% of the time.

This is just a thicker and creamier alternative to black coffee if you do not add sugar.

Now the Science…

I mentioned the reason for Organic Coffee, and again, here is some of the further information, though you could find with a simple Google search.

The Reason BulletProof Coffee Needs Butter…

This is always the aspect the makes people cringe at me.

And I know, I had a friend that ate straight butter sticks as a child and I was convinced they needed serious help…

After blending the drink thoroughly you shouldn’t notice that there is butter in it.

The butter being whipped around for a while is what creates the creaminess of the drink.

The butter provides fat, and alongside coconut oil your morning has now begun with around 40 – 60 grams of healthy fats, non-toxic caffeine, and fatty acids.

The combination of which has been proven to improve focus, mental clarity, and all around cognitive functioning.

Having healthy fats in the morning can substitute breakfast, though I typically eat something small at least.

The fats and fatty acids make you feel full, assisting in curbing your cravings throughout the morning.

Why BulletProof Coffee Needs Coconut Oil (MCT Oil)

There are four types of MCT Oil:

Caproic Acid (C6)

Caprylic Acid (C8)

Capric Acid (C10)

Lauric Acid (C12)

You don’t really need to memorize those or anything, let’s face it, the first three are the same word….

MCT just stands for Medium-Chain Fatty Acids.

Just know that some of these are more efficient in ketone production.

C8 specifically is the most efficient, it has been found to essentially completely bypass the digestive tract. It goes straight to the liver to be converted to ketones, which provide energy while allowing your body to feel full because of the fats and fatty acids.

Note: C6, C8, and C10 are typically found in higher concentrations in premade MCT oil mixtures. Coconut oil contains higher levels of C12, which is digested through the digestive tract first.

Consuming this early in the morning is great because your body will be programmed to burn these fats and Omega fatty acids due to lack of carbohydrates.

I do not practice a low carb diet by any means, in fact I eat most carbohydrates, but I think that could be another article altogether.

More info on MCT

Main Takeaway: MCT oils are burned as energy rather than stored as fats.

Should You Drink Bulletproof Coffee?

Well, I’m no health expert.

But we have been drinking bulletproof coffee almost exclusively and absolutely love it.

As coffee addicts, we notice that we don’t drink as much coffee.

We drink a cup or two, eat a banana or apple, and feel completely full and energized.

So, as always, do your research!

Just as anything else, consuming this too much can be unhealthy. That is why we have also reduced our coffee intake. We don’t feel we need it, but it also becomes unhealthy for us if we drink too much, too often.

I would definitely recommend to those of you trying to lose weight, or those addicted to coffee, or those who love coffee and would like to try something new.

I would recommend it to everyone, really.

Try it and decide!

And leave a comment telling us about your experience, we would love to hear!

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