So, if you have read other posts and recipes on our blog, you have probably realized that we are obsessed with Mexican Foods.

It feels like an addiction, at 4o’clock in the afternoon I feel like I’m frantically itching for a burrito.

Rather than feeling bad about that, we are going to continue to research and experiment with ways to make vegan versions of all our favorite meat-based foods.

I would argue we are doing well.

So, to complement our nachos, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas needed one key ingredient that would benefit them all beautifully.

Nacho Cheese!

We ran across videos on YouTube explaining methods of obtaining the right texture and taste, and we began to experiment.

This is what we’ve come up with!


Use about 2 ½ of potatoes and 1 – 1 ½ pounds of carrots. It’s hard to quantify this but we keep our ratio of potatoes-carrots at about 2:1.

½ cup of Nutritional Yeast

2 Cloves Raw Garlic

4 tsp – Garlic Powder

3 tsp – Paprika

2 tsp – Onion Powder

2 tsp – Cayenne


  1. We would recommend that after washing the potatoes and carrots, then chopping them up into small pieces. There is no reason to this other than it helps the mix cook faster. (We’re uncontrollably hungry waiting for our food to get done, no judgements)
  2. Put the potatoes and carrots into a big full of water and bring to a boil. Then lower the heat to just at a boil-level.
  3. After it has boiled 20 – 30 minutes, the potatoes and carrots will be soft. You want them to be soft, because after straining them, you’ll need to blend them up. Add them to your blender, then add garlic and spices and blend it well. You don’t want chunky cheese…

It’s seriously that easy!

And it’s delicious!

So, whip up a big blender full of this and add it to anything throughout the week. It warms up great in a small pot to create and thick, goopy texture that you want slathered on top of your nachos.

Enjoy and Eat Organic!

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