We all know that feeling we get after making some poor dietary choices… Your stomach feels terribly bloated You just want to feel like a fat-kid and stay inside snacking and watching T.V. You find yourself needing to use the restroom, but it is either not productive or far TOO productive… It happens, it’s our bodies natural reaction to feel this way in most cases. I know I may not be the most educated on the medical side of this, but from my personal experience it is entirely conceivable to me that my body reacted this way because of the foods I ate. I am referring to things like: Dairy Meat Red Meat Especially Canned Foods T.V. Dinners Fast foods[…]

We both struggled with walking our dogs, both for separate reasons, but it all seemed to be rooted in the same place. I would walk Luna and pray there was no one nearby because she was so friendly, yet so big. It was a big, hyper puppy that sounded like she was going to eat someone, who did not understand why she couldn’t lick everyone’s face. Now, she did not just drag me down the road as other dogs have before, but it was not a pleasant experience, so much as an anxious one. I had to stay hyper-aware of my surroundings so I could maintain her. Branden, on the other hand, was having the issue that no matter how[…]