To start our blog that discusses eating organic foods and using/making organic products, we wanted to share some of our experiences. So, Why should you eat organic food?

We had eaten healthy before, but there are absolutely elements of our diet that allow us to easily remain on our diet. There have been so many benefits that we’ll have to try to constantly try to keep up with this topic.

Basket of Fresh Organic Vegetables

What Made us go Organic?

One day I had just finished reading a book, and I was looking through the bookshelf for another to start. My girlfriend recommended “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau.

It didn’t seem like a book I would normally read, I have never read any actual books on dieting. I usually felt distaste towards books or articles promoting some of the strangest diet fads.

This book turned out to be different.

I do not want to explain too deep into the book but would highly recommend finding a copy. It began the major changes in my families lives. Ones that we suggest and discuss with those close to us. Now, would like to share it with a broader audience.

So after reading this book, I had learned more on the FDA. As well as important information on food and pharmaceutical companies. I had noticed he kept repeating the importance of eating organic food at all possible times. Which made me want to research this topic a bit more.

So started another great internet research binge…

We read as many articles as we could find from every source that was either highly credible, or read through personal stories and blogs of others that have changed to organic foods.

To not go into personal stories in this post, when I met my TJ, she had some health issues that we were concerned with, but also the overall health for us. We had both done a variety of diets such as keto or vegetarian, but this was new territory.

There are many studies that show organic food is beneficial. For example, this study suggests that organic met and have as much as 47% more omega-fatty acids than conventional meat.

Omega Fatty acids are very important to health. In fact, there are other studies that suggest that omega acids can treat ADHD like symptoms in children.

Here are some great articles on the benefits of organic food:

Organic Foods: What You Need To Know

Organic Foods: Are They Safer? More Nutritious? (I would normally not link to Mayoclinic, but this article is great at explaining the difference of 100% organic vs. USDA organic, as well as natural vs. organic)

4 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Eating Organic

Study Finds Organic Food is More Nutritious

Organic Vegetables on wooden table

How Did we Switch to Organic Foods?

We researched further in specific prices, and read blogs of others who have switched, and what their costs were.

Our first shopping spree was at Meijer, and I will be honest, our total did physically pain me a bit. I do now recognize the significance of what we have done. We spent roughly $326 on the first trip, which was all organic products. It is important to keep in mind that this figure includes the fact we switched everything to organic.

We changed our cooking oils, spices, flours (and gluten-free flours separate for someone who has a gluten allergy), butter, meat, milk, our teas and coffee, our honey and creamer that we put in those. We had basically converted everything in our kitchen we could.

Something that is notable about this trip is the fact that out of its entirety, we had only spent around $100 for an entire cart full of produce! All our fruits in vegetables dominated the receipt yet only took a third of our total costs. It was our meats, flours, oils, and other baking goods that really took up our budget.

What Were the Initial Differences?

Tj and I are lucky enough in our relationship to both be great cooks.

We love to cook, we try to as much as possible and constantly change our recipes and try new ones. So switching to organic I wasn’t sure if there would be a difference.

There absolutely was…

We immediately noticed that our food was much more satisfying in every way. The taste, texture, down to the fact that we felt incredibly full easier than ever.

I would sum the initial experience in a few bullet points


  • The taste of the organic foods became so much more pleasing to us. Not to say we would never and haven’t eaten organic or processed foods. The milk was thicker and creamier, the coffee was richer, and our veggies tasted fresher, all from simply buying organic rather than proccesed.


  • We were not severely obese or really overweight people. But I know damn well that if I buy a Taco Bell 12 pack, I will eat until I have to consciously tell myself to stop. Even with homemade tacos, it was a situation that I would have to tell myself, “Please, your body doesn’t want this anymore, just put the food away.” I have not felt that way near as often, it is now a habit that has been erased. I speak for myself and I know TJ will add to this, but we both had used foods as psychological comfort tools, not in a neccessarily healthy way but I believe most people do this to some extent. Using our favorite meal again, I now am finished with our meal after only a taco or two. I believe this is from malnutrition that we had beforehand, and our bodies are able to function more effectively, but we can cover this topic later.


  • Without getting too specific, or too great of detail to gross people out, let’s just say your body goes through a cleanse… In our case aggressively. Most likely because we switched everything rather than just introducing the change slowly. But something notable is the fact I used to be a gym rat and eat very “clean.” I noticed at the times that the chest and upper abdomen muscles were far more fit than my lower stomach. Upon noticing that, I noticed that it didn’t feel like fat over my abs, it felt my abdomen wall was just bigger around my lower stomach. The first week of organic clarified this… Alongside the food, I consumed some organic teas such as Dandelion root that aided in flushing your system. Boy did they…. the first entire week my bathroom visits skyrocketed and my belly flattened in a week. One week, no crunches, no exercising, and my body had done what I tried so hard to do years ago. It was incredible, I had lost at least 15 pounds and hadn’t done a thing, but my body had this weight stuck in my digestive tract that should not have been there. This is terrifying to me but I now at least feel comfortable knowing it’s not near as bad as it was.

Mental Clarity

  • One strange aspect to describe is the mental clarity that has come to us collectively. I suppose the best way to describe it is like the view of a “mirror conscious“. If you read philosophy relating to Buddhism you may have heard this metaphor, but it basically means that a clean mind or stream of consciousness is much like a mirror, it reflects everything else around it. Meaning the entire point of this ideology, to be present in the moment, and only at that moment. My point is I feel more in every moment now, I don’t feel as mentally clogged, and I am able to experience life, rather than just be alive.

I hope that makes sense…

Thoughts on Telling Others to Switch to Organic Food?

We are very open with our life choices and experiences. Though we would never tell someone that our way is superior, we love talking about the differences and try to be informative without being pushy or condescending

I think that eating in this way insinuates that we eat better, or we believe that we are somehow superior to another person, but this is simply not true.

We made this choice, and we have been so influenced by it and felt so much change that we at least want to put or personal information and bias out there for people that are interested in this to scavenge through.

One thing we found difficult in our journey was the research, we found a lot of people that were doing this in a way that just simply wouldn’t work for us.

So at a minimum, we just want to pour our personal stories out so others like us can maybe hear about someone who does this, and they understand more about this lifestyle and feel more confident in their decisions.

But again, this is subjective/opinion based, you do whatever you wanna do…

In the End, is Organic Worth the Hassle and Cost?

I would say for us, 100% without a doubt yes.

So if you’re the type that is stressing about the cost, I can promise you, and TJ will attest, I am really cheap. Yes, there are organic products that pain me to see the prices, but you know what?

Not everything is like that

We have found many products that are organic and absolutely affordable, forget wasting money on ridiculously priced products.

We eat organic and have high standards for what we put in or on our bodies, but we are also realists who are practical and generally don’t have a lot of money.

To put this in my personal perspective (I will allow TJ to discuss her own weight if she would like) but my weight change has been astounding.

Truly, I mentioned that I worked out like a hamster on a wheel and ate only lean meats, fruits, and vegetables and was on top of my stuff.

Now I feel stupid

Weight loss from organic foods

In exactly 3 months, I went from 252 pounds to a consistent 171. I know most of you will know me personally but this is unbelievable to me.

I was always a bigger kid, and I can honestly say I have not been under 200 pounds since I was maybe 12? (I’m currently 20)

I couldn’t believe it after the violent bowel cleanse period when everything calmed down, my body still shredded the fat I didn’t really need anymore. I personally believe that now I have proper nutrition my body doesn’t need to store fat the same way.

I say this because of the fact my muscle and everything has barely changed, I obviously have lost some because I don’t work out very regularly. My body just seems to have shed itself of fat but in a very healthy way. my change was drastic and occurred fast, but my body is more stable and looks much healthier. I have noticed new muscles, bones, and veins bulging around my body that I truly have never seen before.

I have never been this damn skinny!

Running also became a lot easier, I didn’t really lose my breath unless I really push myself and I don’t have pain in my ankles, knees, or back now.

If you would have known me before you read this, you would know I wasn’t significantly overweight or fat. I’ve always been someone that weighs much more than I look, and it was creepy to think it was because the crap I was eating before was getting stuck in unnatural ways, negating my body from properly functioning.

We plan on sharing more about our switch and how it progresses, but we wanted to provide a brief background and put our reasoning and philosophies out there for others to view and criticize. Thank you for reading.

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