So today we ended up enjoying Free Comic Book Day in downtown Muncie with the kids. Aw Yeah Comics had so many cool items for sale and the kids loved checking the place out.

Then we dropped the big kid for an overnight and our little guy went to our friends who have a little boy a bit younger, and a buffalo farm to run.

The boys wear each other out and we get some adulting time. It is always a beautiful drive and we really enjoy it.

My friend had farm fresh organic eggs ready for us to take as well. I am so grateful for all the connections with like-minded people we make that help us eat well on less. We will have lots of fresh herbs to share with her this summer, and plan to can vegetables and fruit together to help save time and make the work more enjoyable.

I am so grateful for my little trailer and little back lot in the park. We get to see so much nature here. Yesterday the dogs started barking like crazy out the window, we looked and found this guy in the front yard. The dogs remained vigilant, in case the turtle turned on us, they were ready to leap out the window to protect us.


We got to place him back over by the pond edge right before a light storm hit. We started running as it came down, then I was able to just catch a picture of him burrowing into the leaves and tree debris. It was a beautiful sight.

His legs just shot out of nowhere and he was gone.

We ran inside to get out of the rain, but we enjoyed it a bit on the way. I still love the rain with the abandonment of a child. The feeling of newness, everything is nurtured. The flowering trees in our front yard are really enjoying these short showers and long warm days we are getting. I saw my first fat bumble bees bouncing around today behind my bedroom window warming my heart.

We moved some plants into the old winter garden we put together. Branden made a blog post about that awesome, cheap project here. We got to take some of the lettuce off one of the two heads that just came back on their own a couple months ago. We are planning to use them for some yummy fresh BLTs tomorrow for lunch.

I made an attempt at a baby Groot dread bead for my friend,

and we enjoyed some grilled veggies and BBQ chicken wings thanks to The Downtown Farmstands amazing selection. It was a great evening and it ended with me watering all the plants one at a time. Sending love to them all as I do it. I am grateful for all the moments this blog gives me to reflect on what I am thankful for. One cannot count troubles when your vision remains full of blessings. Love and light to you all!

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