I have worked hard for the last couple of years to find alternative ways to handle everyday life in our household.

Sometimes that has been easy, and sometimes its been a bit nerve-racking honestly.

There’s always a part of me that thinks about the outcome;

What if I fail in my knowledge or research?

Will I feel like I should of take a more traditional route?

In the end, the situation always takes me back to my personal principles, therefore, when I am conflicted I try and strike a compromise.

If I can’t heal it within a time frame that is appropriate to the condition,

then I will seek guidance.

I am blessed beyond measure with our doctor, in that he is very open and enjoys a challenge. Over the years he has come to trust I am a through researcher and respects it. He gives me studies to back up his suggestions instead of the push off you get from some in the medical field.

This challenge was our most recent and its one I remember my sister suffering through as a kid for playing in a sand box that was NOT just a sand box to the neighborhood cats.

Ringworm. Itchy, scratchy, spreading like crazy RINGWORM.

What ingredients did we use to combat this enemy?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and a mix of oils!

When It Started

One Friday morning before school, I found a small round, red patch behind Solomon, our 5-year-olds ear. It was a bit inflamed and he had been itching it.

I noticed there was a small sack just under the skin that seemed to be fluid filled but not bothering him to be touched.

In my concern, I had touched all over this spot.

Four days from now I will pay for my negligence

in not being careful to wash right away.

I put some witch hazel on it to clean it up.

I then put some coconut oil on it as my go-to for any skin ailments and sent the kid to school.

Later that day it had not gotten worse and decided to hold off on calling our family Doc and watch it.

We figured if he developed a fever or it spread I would call the doctor right away for a second opinion. Sol seemed fine. In good spirit that it was just a mild irritation of some sort, we went about our lives.

Come Saturday morning it was much worse. It had gotten larger overnight and looked angry, red, scaly and dry, with almost a welt look to it.

I worried a bit.

Our Remedy

Solomon had tubes put in his ears after a hard year of ear infections at the age of 3.

He had been premature and had RSV very young.

He suffered from a runny nose literally from the day he was in daycare at 4 months old until recently (when we went vegan matter of fact, which I will link an article about that journey here). I immediately am concerned when we see anything ear-wise, as the tubes are supposed towork their way out on their own.

I started researching it and it sounded to be fungal but did not look like any ringworm I had seen before.

I kept it clean and we used a mix of coconut oil and aloe to soothe and ease the itching for him.

We made an appointment with the doctor’s office and took Sol in. The Doctor we saw was not our usual, and more natural leaning doctor.

The doctor we saw immediately thought it was ringworm and prescribed a tube of $71 chemical treatment for it.

I thanked them for their time and went home to do more research.

After a bit of reading, I found the old reliable, natural way folks treated ringworm before Big Pharma came in.

And it was products we always have on hand.

I spent 6 weeks taking care of the Great Ringworm Outbreak.

I would fall victim as well, from sick kiddo snuggles no less, but we all made it out, and under $10 total.

One awesome article I found on Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), was on Medical News Today. You can check that article out here.

ACV is something that can be incredibly beneficial in the healing process for tons of ailments.

It is very important to use only Organic ACV with the “Mother“. I prefer to use Braggs but have had good results with other brands of Organic ACV.

Organic coconut oil is a household staple and I had already used it to help with the skin irritation. I knew previously about the healing benefits but you can read an amazing article on it Natural Medicine Journals site here.

We like to buy items like ACV and Coconut oil in bulk since we use it for so much around here. It is cheaper and lasts longer before having to replace which is always a plus for us.

Next, I reached for the bedroom garden we have come to rely on so much these last two years.

I grabbed a bit of Aloe leaf off my large Mama Aloe and sliced it open.

Aloe Vera is one of the easiest plants to grow and keep. It will repay you every time you have a sunburn, or skin irritation. I have used it to moisturize dreads, skin and heal wounds.

The next step was to look into my trusty oil stash.

I would recommend tree tea and lavender.

Tea tree can be irritating for some. I always recommend checking all oil on small patches of skin before using in any way.

I already knew that Solomon tolerates both of these oils well. Tea tree really helps out with infections and healing. The lavender helps soothe the area. Mixing it with the coconut oil, doing double duty as the carrier oil. Plus, it adds the coconut benefits to this cream.

I Made Our Cream with Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Lavender, and a Little Tea Tree Oil.

The idea is to create an environment that is soothing to the irritated area to heal, but also makes an inhospitable environment for yeast, bacteria, or other fungal infections to live in.

We started this treatment on day 4 after first seeing this on Solomon.

I developed a rash on my neck and arm on this same day.

It started just itching like crazy and I realized pretty quickly it was not something in the factory I worked in. I tried really hard to not itch it and to wait until I could get home and start treating as well.

I Made Our Cream with Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Lavender, and a Little Tea Tree Oil

So for the treatment, here’s how the magic happened for us:

  • I melted down a bit of solid coconut oil, about 1 cup. While it was cooling down I then added 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 5 drops tea tree oil and 4 tbsp of aloe juice. I kept mixing it constantly over the next minute or so to evenly distribute everything. You will see beads of amber colored ACV throughout once it is cooled off completely.
  • I put this on each site daily, sometimes up to 6 times a day when I could. Each time cleaning with a bit of witch hazel prior to using a Q-tip or cotton ball to dab the salve on.
  • Afterward, I saw a huge improvement I decided to isolate the area with at night using a bandaid and cotton ball soaked in the salve. The first thing we noticed was the pimple like bumps that popped up in an almost perfect row on each site of mine.

Solomons rash did develop the classic ring pattern around the site after the first night of this additional treatment.

He didn’t complain of it hurting but it looked so irritated I almost second guessed my gut instincts to continue this path. It had a rawness to the outside. Like a circle of sores around the edge of the original red rash.

The next day I was rewarded with huge improvements to both Solomon and my rash sites.

My neck site was no longer itching at all and neither site ever developed into as large and angry a rash as Solomons.

I chalk this up to starting my treatment the day I found mine, and the benefit of having 3 days of investigating and a Doctor trip to confirm his issue and nail a natural option down.

We immediately noticed drastic improvement with mine that once I started the nightly ritual of adding a bandaid.

I would start by cleaning and then dabbing extra salve on. I would then put on a bandaid to hold our concoction to it.

The next morning we noticed what appeared to be pimple lined up in the middle of both of my rash sites. I had added a cotton ball soaked in ACV to the bandaid for the night.

ACV creates an acidic environment that makes it difficult for yeast or fungus to grow.

I am not an expert but it seemed to be clustering together for survival.

It was honestly fascinating to me and Branden to witness happen on my skin.

Each day it got better, and the itching subsided quickly for Solomon and me.

I kept up the treatments for the next 6 weeks just to be safe. I stopped the bandaid ritual at night once the rash had cleared for us


It definitly took longer for Solomon’s to heal, but again we started treatment right away with mine.

I will go to this in the future although I hope we never have to deal with ringworm again

Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and aloe vera really deserve their own post.

So we will be working on this very soon and will link them here for you to check out. (We have a lot of posts to write…)

We use all three of them in our daily lives.

It is a cheap and safe way to clean, sanitize and even help the dogs smell nice and keep the fleas off.

Stay Natural

2 thoughts on “How We Naturally Cured Our Son’s Ringworm with DIY Anti-Fungal Cream

  1. GuQin says:

    Thanks , I have just been looking for info about this topic for a while and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the source?

    1. Branden says:

      So glad we were able to help someone else! We found lots of articles about how these remedies could potentially heal ringworm or fungal infections of other types but struggled to find someone actually seeing results with this. We went to the Dr for the initial appt and it was diagnosed as ringworm. At the follow-up appt, he asked what we did because it was gone and has never returned for him nor me. I was careful to apply this every night till it went away and at night simply because our little guy was annoyed with the cotton ball behind his ear. Let us know if it helps! Light and love to you!

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