This is another delicious meal that you will struggle to stop eating, hence the name crackslaw. TJ showed me this recipe, and it’s the only time in my life I’ve actually craved cabbage. This recipe is not difficult to make, and also is simple to convert into a large meal for guests, assuming you regularly invite people over unlike us.

Serves 4 healthy portions


1 lb vegan ground beef

1 full head of cabbage

2 blocks of vegan cream cheese

8 oz vegan shredded cheese

2 tsp garlic powder or minced garlic

1 tsp ginger powder

Handful of green onions

Pinch of Lemon basil

Half a chopped sweet onion

Salt and pepper to taste

2 jalapenos (depending on preference use less) chopped


  1. Start your ground beef, cooking it in a small pad of melted butter. While this begins, go to your cutting board, and begin to chop your vegetables and herbs. We always go a little extra heavy with the vegetables so that we are getting a meal that consists of a large amount of nutrients, especially the ones that must be hidden for children.
  2. Cook cabbage with onions and peppers on medium heat covered stirring occasionally. You do not want these to burn, so using a small amount of butter or oil is essential to not burning your produce. Here you can get creative, add the cabbage but also add anything that you would like, or that you believe would add to this dish regarding your specific taste.
  3. Add seasoning to the meat, we tend to create this dish with more traditionally Asian-inspired tastes, such as a combination of sweet and spicy sauces. This meal reminds me of other Asian stirfys that I have made before, so I tend to treat it that way.
  4. Then add in the cream cheese, or the type of cheese that you have selected and slice it into cubes. This is not totally necessary, but we usually add our cheese in this way because it helps it melt down a bit more efficiently.
  5. Stir as the cream cheese melts in, add the cooked ground beef, and stir the ingredients together until it all is cooked thoroughly. The veggies should have a nice soft texture, and nothing should be burnt or raw, obviously.

Serve hot and prepare for food coma that you will want again and again. You will die a little, but happily. We have made this many times and would recommend it to anybody, it is simple for lazy days and requires ingredients that most people generally have, or can obtain easily. It is highly versatile for specific tastes and acts as a great way to sneak nutritional and healthy food to your family.

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