A common inquiry about organic foods is whether or not it makes a difference in our bodies, in this case, we will discuss any signs of mental change.

Personally, from switching, I would vouch that it absolutely does.

That is not to say I am smarter now or think entirely different, I mean my psyche feels clearer. My consciousness feels clean and healthy and that’s not something I always even understood.

But now I don’t just understand it, I experience it

I know that I am not the only one, TJ has had much more drastic health changes. We collectively have become better with the issues of negative self-talk, negative thinking, we have become much less negative in general.

The Food is Not the Only Reason…

But the food is definitely an important part of this equation.

There are many studies showing these benefits, we have known this but need this information to spread.

Harvard Health Publishing reported that one link between mental health and your food lies in the bacteria helping you digest food. There are trillions of nerve cells in your digestive tract and there is both bad and good bacteria.

When we feed ourselves of food that is nutritionally deprived, our bodies do not process any of this the same. We are unknowingly eating food that is actually making us starve for nutrients, and that is a big reason for our issues.

For example, a study showed that those who take a probiotic regularly are more likely to have lower anxiety levels, the perception of stress, and mental clarity compared with people who did not take probiotics.

More info

We also know that most meats and dairy products are nowadays produced in ways that can harm us. This is not to say that no human should consume dairy, but no human should consume dairy that comes from an industrial farm.

First, you know how they treat cows…

Second, cows milked in this way does not produce the same.

We can see the differences, and we know the alternatives.

Imagine rather than conglomerate businesses produce far more milk than we need, and depriving the nature of the animals and environment in the sadistic process.

What if we just all owned a goat, or offered something to a friend who has one in exchange for your family to have some milk?

I’m getting off topic…

Organic food, though I would urge anyone to make any changes possible to improve their diet. Whether that means eating clean to eating perfect, or eating nothing but fast food to cutting back to once a week.

Either way, I’m proud of you and be proud of yourself.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Nutrition is another big reason organic foods allow your mind to function properly. The best way I can put this, is I love ramen noodles. The cups, the packets, chicken, spicy chicken, whatever. All of it is good.

However, I cannot help but notice after eating those cup for a few days straight, I feel tired and lifeless. I haven’t eaten them for a while at this point but you know this feeling.

You don’t want to do anything and you feel emotionally different. You find yourself doing more mindless tasks, like watching t.v. or playing games more often and with less aim.

I have noticed that I am much more interested in books because I have more of the focus that it requires. Before I felt more like I was nodding off unless I was really trying to focus. But we know that trying to try is just pointless.

There are other indications that organic foods, because of higher antioxidant content, can help us fight free radicals, and improve other important bodily functions.

I believe that the human body will naturally cure itself of most ailments. Most illnesses,  most things that pain us from day to day life, both physically and those that affect our mental health.

But what we have created is not the human body! It is flesh and chemicals, unable to save itself from anything and making your mind feel terrible for it.

I know THIS article is a bit long, but it is so informative, I would highly recommend.

This is a big reason I wanted to start a blog. I have read so many other blogs and articles and don’t have many people to share with.

In the end, changing your diet to all organic foods will not cure every physical and mental health related pain that ails you.

But I can list my experience.

  • I rarely feel bouts of depression
  • I rarely have anxiety
  • I feel much more awake at a much earlier hour
  • I feel in general happier
  • I feel a mental clarity I have not before
  • Due also to my weight lost directly related to this diet, I don’t have joint pains from running or working.
  • My hair has grown faster than normal, which was already pretty quick.
  • My skin and complexion has improved significantly, which is something I have genuinely never paid attention to or cared about

The list could go on, but as I will always mention,




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