If you do not have a pet, I would advise you to rethink that choice. I do not aim to be pushy, but I believe there is much we can learn from our fellow sentient creatures. Many afternoons most of us are afflicted with that terrible exhaustion that seems to push us towards collapsing in the middle of our workday. It sends depressive thoughts from our gray matter of our brains to the tip of the spine. Sometimes it physically hurts to get through the day, and we seek any possible alternative. Some go to work high, some drunk, or some other combination to numb themselves before toiling away another day. Some smoke to calm the stress and some complain[…]

We both struggled with walking our dogs, both for separate reasons, but it all seemed to be rooted in the same place. I would walk Luna and pray there was no one nearby because she was so friendly, yet so big. It was a big, hyper puppy that sounded like she was going to eat someone, who did not understand why she couldn’t lick everyone’s face. Now, she did not just drag me down the road as other dogs have before, but it was not a pleasant experience, so much as an anxious one. I had to stay hyper-aware of my surroundings so I could maintain her. Branden, on the other hand, was having the issue that no matter how[…]

We have two fur babies in our home who are just two toddlers really. They give us so much joy, and at the same time, keep us on our toes. Every day is not perfect, but we truly could not imagine a life without them. Diesel was born roughly September of 2016 and Luna since February of 2017. They met through our close friendship and budding romance, and they have been just as crazy about one another as we have since day one. I had Diesel before I met TJ, and I wasn’t the best about making sure he was getting the best nutrition, but a large part of that was financially being completely unable to get him better dog[…]