When we went organic, we saw such significant health benefits that we decided to start an entire website over it!

Here are for of our evidence backed reasons for doing so.

Our society is stricken with the plague of excess, which leads us into the depravity of our spirit. I use excess, not only in material terms, such as the vast amount of food that is wasted and thrown in landfills rather than being found in hungry hands. I mean an excess of everything, an excess of sensory input, an excess of socialization, an excess of conscious attention solely dedicated to caring too much, and perhaps most importantly too much chatter in the skull. We all are simply doing too much We are stretching ourselves too thin by means of employment, which is multiplied by the fact that our employment often does not even fulfill us, we just mindlessly complete tasks[…]

We love plants. We love all types, we love using them in our food, we love using them as food, we love just staring at them for long periods of times like people who actually may need some people to share with. I mean, we love plants So, we wanted to make a list of what we have grown, successfully or unsuccessfully, as well as what we would like to grow. When TJ and I met, we each had some plants that we had either received as a gift or nearly dead on clearance at some store. Luckily we were both at least familiar with gardening, we had a bit of experience and a love for researching. The first six months of[…]