What is Visceral Fat? Visceral Fat is the type of fat that is specifically stored within your abdomen wall. This fat is typical in the “beer belly” look. This means that the belly looks more like it’s protruding out rather than having the “flab” on the outside of the abdominal muscles. This type of fat is known as subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat has its own issues in excess, but they are quite different from visceral fat. The danger with thi specific type of fat is that it stores around your organs. Itis natural to have fat here as a cushion. However, if not kept in moderation, it can become hazardous to your health. Visceral fat gets stored under what is[…]

In this article I describe my tips for increasing the length of your runs!

I used to be a terrible runner, so I want to offer my advice to help you out!

Running is great exercise, and though we might not all be great at it, it doesn’t mean that we can’t start!