Remember when money was useless to us? Back when we were children and felt calm in any financial situation, economic events always remaining meaningless to us. We could feel free within ourselves and our environment and exist without the restrictions of concepts such as time and financial wealth. We have made the mistakes of confusing these concepts for actual events. Money can be made back your moments cannot be. The universe shifts constantly, constantly presenting us with passing forms, sounds, and waves of light to interpret. We cannot reverse or alter this  experience, once a moment that has passed, it has passed. The cosmic happenings that allowed for the event which we may admire are passed and have taken a[…]

If you do not have a pet, I would advise you to rethink that choice. I do not aim to be pushy, but I believe there is much we can learn from our fellow sentient creatures. Many afternoons most of us are afflicted with that terrible exhaustion that seems to push us towards collapsing in the middle of our workday. It sends depressive thoughts from our gray matter of our brains to the tip of the spine. Sometimes it physically hurts to get through the day, and we seek any possible alternative. Some go to work high, some drunk, or some other combination to numb themselves before toiling away another day. Some smoke to calm the stress and some complain[…]

Our society is stricken with the plague of excess, which leads us into the depravity of our spirit. I use excess, not only in material terms, such as the vast amount of food that is wasted and thrown in landfills rather than being found in hungry hands. I mean an excess of everything, an excess of sensory input, an excess of socialization, an excess of conscious attention solely dedicated to caring too much, and perhaps most importantly too much chatter in the skull. We all are simply doing too much We are stretching ourselves too thin by means of employment, which is multiplied by the fact that our employment often does not even fulfill us, we just mindlessly complete tasks[…]