I’m Tj, and my partner in life and growing is Branden. I have 2 kiddos Kalilah(13), and Solomon(5) and an amazing tribe of friends and family. We have two fur babies, Diesel and Luna who we love dearly.

Starting Brandens Dread Journey 5/2018

We are currently preparing to go off grid in the next 5 years. We are growing everything we possibly can on a tiny lot where we live in a small 3 bedroom trailer. We are saving money and getting our finances in order. We are just two regular people, who want out of the rat race. We want to work hard at hard work, that we love. Growing our own food and reducing our negative impact on the earth while teaching the kids the real values in life. We are a diverse family and believe the world is full of too much hate, and not enough acceptance and learning from one another. We want to change that as much as we can, and this blog is one way we are trying to spread our version of truth, love, and care for one another and the Earth.

Chesterfield Spirit Festival September 2017

We are currently living on the grid in central Indiana. Branden was a psychology student at Ball State and I was attending Ivy Tech for Social Services. We met through work and spent a year getting close as friends, talking daily. A lot of our talks focused on mutual interests. We talked about psychology, social injustice, and most importantly wanting to abandon the conventional rat race lifestyle. We talked a lot about fitness and eating. We both tried going Vegan at different times that first year of friendship and discussed our results. We both joked about wanting to pack a few things and disappear into the wild, like so many of our heroes we had read about. I believe that although we had initial attraction, letting our friendship blossom first for some time helped us be better to one another when we started dating in July 2017.  I shared with him my dream of building an Earthship, and for the first time, I did not brace for the chuckle of disbelief, the nicety of “Well that will be nice, someday, when you win the lottery”. He was instantly fascinated with the building aspect of it. Like many things for us, this was a point of mutual motivation. We kept the dream alive, then, we decided to dive in, to a relationship, a way of life, a path of truth, together. It’s corny because it really is like the books that frustrated me as a teenager. Every day is a good day because we simply choose that, and we choose one another.

On a frozen lake in Northern Indiana Jan 2018

The goal is to get off the grid but, for us, we decided that it was important for us to start making changes now. In February of 2018, my family threw out everything that was not organic and purchase organic food only in the house now. We started making 75% of our other household products at home so that we could be sure of the quality of organic composition. It has been an amazing adventure already and we truly believe that focusing on the future that we are building will help us in our path of healing our part of our world. We are a musical family and love to craft together. We are currently preparing products like dreadbeads, paintings and other items we will sell in an online shop to support our self-sustainability goals in the future. We want to share our journey and help others as we have experienced.

May 13, 2018

We are committed to helping others in our community and around the world trying to do the same. We are so grateful to everyone who is blogging, doing videos and pages. If it weren’t for others sharing their knowledge we would not be able to start this process as easy as we did. We love you, we are spreading our roots deep. Love one another, then, in turn, give that love to the Earth.