There are many people interested in eating organic food. We want to offer our tips on starting an organic diet

Most have a lot of questions or are skeptical that they aren’t wasting money.

A common question we get is;

“How do you maintain an Organic Diet?”

For us, maintaining an Organic Diet basically boils down to 5 things;



Doubting yourself

Caring what others think


I would like to hopefully allow someone that is interested in this to see it from the side of a cheap skeptic, who changed to someone who eats almost only organic foods and products.

1. The Price of an Organic Diet

Organic foods are more expensive.

We are not going to deny that in any way.

However, we do not believe that it is too expensive for anyone to at least be able to implement it in some way.

There are products, such as apples, lemons, lettuce, tomatoes, or carrots that really aren’t a significant amount more. Yes, you may save 70 cents on that bag of carrots but research organic vs. inorganic foods long enough and it will prove its worth.

Make a list and stick to it!

I recommend making a detailed grocery list that includes not only the meals you want but the ingredients needed to make it.

Look around at different stores that have organic options and price match the items. Find the lowest and move forward with your budgeting.

Personally, a Payless was opened in our city and we have found that the Simple Truth Organic has been a cost-effective way to eat more food with less on the ingredients list. We now also have a store called Fresh Thyme, who also offers great organic food.

2. The Stigma of an Organic Diet

Organic food has a certain “Snobby” ring to it.

We see organic specialty foods, like vegan organic meats priced at $7.00+ a pound and think that we aren’t good enough for that or can’t afford it.

I am broke, I agree

But we notice that switching our diet, there really isn’t a reason to change our diet. We still eat similarly, just with organic foods.

We also have to budget what we buy, but our organic switch has not been something that has really hurt our financial lives.

Organic isn’t just for snotty people that can afford it, organic food is simply a label meaning the food you are eating is nothing but clean food. I urge everyone to research this because it is absolutely vital to understanding so many of the health issues I believe affects so many of us.

3. Understanding You Aren’t Perfect, and Neither is Your Diet

Another misconception is that you should always, 100% of the time stay exactly on your diet.

This is a stupid assumption…

I love eating organic, and I love all of the benefits and foods I’ve tried.

But come on, junk food is great…

And how great is Taco Bell?

An important aspect of eating organic is that you will never be perfect on it. If you are, great but there is a higher chance that you will quit the diet and gain the weight back.

Imagine how rough it is, especially those raised into the Modern American Diet, to switch from that to an entirely different version of the food.

As I’ve mentioned, the body expels the yucky stuff your body doesn’t want. If you feed it more good than bad, your body will understand better what to do. Your body will understand this better the more your grocery cart has organic contents.

4. Caring What Other People Think of You

I believe this is always all around a mistake. In my opinion, eating organic foods is very natural and important to the human body. I have done a lot of research regarding all of my diet choices. So if I suspect that the person arguing with me has no objective evidence on their side, why should I listen?

How pointless

We would progress so much more if our will was allowed to manifest without obstacles like others being negative or with thoughts of self-doubt. Nothing is perfect, you have to constantly change what you’re doing.

Maybe eating organic won’t help you as much as it has me. If it doesn’t work, don’t let what this blog or any other blog ruin your ability to do whatever you wanna do.

5.  Research Other Organic Lifestyles

I recommend this for any profound change you make in your life.


Research the benefits of the foods, research other success stories or organic lifestyles, watch videos of others.

We live in an age where almost any information is accessible almost anywhere if you’re interested in a topic, So, research it until you are either tired of caring about it or you become obsessed and inhale literature regarding that topic.

We read a plethora of articles, books, and blog posts of others that have described the benefits we do and it all seems to point back to one thing…

We have also written further on this topic, here are a couple more articles for those who would like to learn more about starting an organic diet!

Organic food is wholesome for us

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